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Bluehost Coupon, Bluehost Coupon Code, Bluehost Coupon $3.95/M

Bluehost Coupon

Use Bluehost Coupon to Save Your Money

The $3.95 BlueHost Coupon is back again on 28th April, 2011 !!!

Enter here to use the Bluehost Coupon
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Bluehost Coupon
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About BlueHost  Web hosting Company

Since its inception in 1996, Bluehost has maintained its quality web hosting services, which it offers to individuals as well as businesses. The company targets outstanding services at the most competitive price. Thus, the company embarks on frequent service upgrade and innovation without extending the cost to customers indirectly. Currently, Bluehost boasts of millions of customers.

The company works with veteran staff members who are confident and efficient in delivering their services. The company boasts of an average of less than 30 seconds hold times, and promises prompt technical support services through its well-trained technical staff in their various Utah offices.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Offers

Like many other reliable web hosting companies, Bluehost provides comprehensive web hosting plan to suit each individual or business’s web hosting needs. Luckily, the full functionalities offered by the company are available at very small budget with quality intact. An interesting aspect of this webhost is the availability of an online demo site. Thus, you don’t have to subscribe to its services without finding out if the company is true to its claims. The online demo site enables you to demonstrate how the service is going to work for you; subsequently, you can make an informed decision.
Here’s a list of Bluehost Offers at a glance;

  • Unlimited Disk Storage       
  • All-New Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting  
  • One Year Free Domain Name   
  • Unlimited Forwarding E-mail Accounts
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP E-mail Support
  • 3 Different Webmail (Web Based E-mail) Solutions     
  • Support International Domain Names     
  • Unlimited POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support

Other hosting plans and offers by Bluehost include the following;  Add-on Domains,  Sub-domains, Parked Domains, cPanel Account Control Panel,  Web File Manager, Hotlink Protection, FTP Access,  Secure Shell (SSH) Access, Server Side Includes, Log Files, Customizable Error Pages, Custom Cronjobs, Spam Assasin Protection, and Site Statistics. All these packages run on unlimited plan.

Note: this list is not exhaustive of the web hosting plans and packages provided by Bluehost. You can check the company’s official website for more plans.

Bluehost Features Highlight

In addition to the hosting packages and plans listed above, Bluehost is also popularly known for certain specific top-notch features in relation to improved customer service;

  • SimpleScripts One-Click Installs
  • 24/7 Support (US-based)
  • SSH Secure Shell Access
  • Blazing Fast Servers
  • Average Support Hold-Times Less than 30 Seconds
  • Proven Track Record
  • ...and more

Conclusion: Bluehost is trusted by millions of websites. Subsequently, the existing users do not hesitate to spread the news abroad.



Bluehost Coupons Information

Bluehost targets outstanding services at the most competitive price. Thus, the company embarks on frequent service upgrade and innovation without extending the cost to customers indirectly. More importantly, the company offers coupons and discount codes occasionally. And right now, Bluehost is offering a $3.95/m coupon, which was originally valued at $6.95/m. Since the promo is for a limited time, ensure you take advantage of the coupon while the offer lasts.

Why Bluehost Coupon?

It is a popular trend among the web hosting companies to offer special discounts and promos. Thus, the coupon enables users to purchase the web hosting companies’ products and plans at a price cut. Sometimes, such discounts can be so significant, thus enabling you save big on a top-notch web hosting or domain plan. With millions of customers using Bluehost platform, and more than 20,000 joining on a daily basis, Bluehost coupons are usually competitive. Therefore, the earlier you reach out for the coupon the better it is for you.

If there’s any best time to sign up with Bluehost, now is the time. The reason is simple, instead of paying the full monthly subscription of $6.95, you can take advantage of the current Bluehost $3.95/m coupon to save $3 every other month.

Where to Find Bluehost Coupons?

Just like other webhosts’ coupons, you can find couple of reliable independent marketers that provide Bluehost coupon codes and promo on their websites. Usually, special links to the coupon are provided on such sites. Subsequently, when you click on any of the links, it will take you to a page where you can sign up for the coupon. However, ensure that the site has upgraded its coupon and promo information by looking at the coupon offer date.

The easiest way to get first-hand information about Bluehost coupon is to log on to the company’s official site. On the site, you can take advantage of the email, phone or chat tool to learn more about the coupon and get any other help you desire.

In this harsh economic period, saving up every possible dime would help you keep expenses low. And, one of such savings tactics is to take advantage of coupons, promos and discount prices for your web hosting and domain. Bluehost 3.95/m coupon is beneficial while the offer lasts.

Conclusion: Bluehost is a reliable web hosting company, usually rated among the best. Therefore, you can take advantage of their services, start with the online demo platform if you are in doubt.


Bluehost Web Hosting Features

Bluehost is a renowned web hosting company that boasts of over million customers presently, and more than 20,000 customers signing up with the company every other month. The company is known for top-notch web hosting features, as well as web hosting and domain plans.  The company provides all of these quality services to individuals and businesses on an affordable budget. The best way to start with Bluehost is to experiment with their online demo site.
Here are the top features offered by Bluehost;

Latest Server and Server Room Technology

Bluehost’s dedication to quality and excellent services has made the company a famous shared hosting company. The company employs up-to-date server and server room technology to achieve consistent uptime and website speed. Consequently, the customers trust and rely on Bluehost.

Open Source Hosting

This software program is increasingly gaining popularity. The outstanding benefit of leveraging open source hosting software is your ability to achieve less expensive and improved flexible higher quality product. The available options of this software program include Drupal, Joomla and more.

Bluehost  WordPress Hosting

Since 2005, this web hosting company has remained a highly recommended webhost on WordPress. The WordPress feature offered by Bluehost enables blog or website set up within a couple of minutes or even seconds. At the company’s platform, it takes only a click of the button to install this valuable program. WordPress has become so popular on the web that its cataloguing is accomplished with special algorithms by the search engines.

Website Design Tool/Builder

If you desire to build a website, you will find several website builder options on Bluehost platform. These tools facilitate easy designing and development of websites. There are tons of web templates, plus special software programs such as Concrete5, Trendy Site Builder, Zazavi and Soholaunch. Alternatively, you can go deeper into the CMS world and play around with Drupal or Joomla.

CGI & Database

On each hosting account, you can get space for tons of databases, a feature made available at affordable rate also. If you want to gain higher control over your website, Bluehost provides the means by offering special tools that aid in MySQL database management. These tools are also helpful in managing PostgreSQL databases. Typical examples of these dedicated tools are CGI Center and phpMyAdmin.

Other features include Website Scripts, E-commerce, Help Desks and E-Tutorials on web hosting. Don’t forget that you can also make money with Bluehost’s Affiliate and Reseller Programs.

Conclusion: Bluehost has so much to offer web hosting consumers. And, with the company’s track record of reliability, it is not a bad idea to sign up with this web hosting service provider.


Bluehost Coupon

- This is a New Bluehost Coupon which can let you sign up at $3.95 per month (24 or 36 months plan). For 12 months plan, you can also sign up at $4.95 per month. The originial price is $6.95.

This Bluehost Coupon is good for the following plans:

- Bluehost Linux Web Hosting Plan

Rating :

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