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Visit Globat Use Globat Coupon to Save Your Money

Use Globat Coupon to Get 3-6 Month Free Hosting and Sign Up For Just $4.44 / Month

Visit Globat
Visit GlobatVisit GlobatVisit Globat
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Globat Web Hosting Company Overview

Globat web host has been operating for the past 11 years, having been formed in 2001. The company prides about top-notch web hosting features and world-class technology. Obviously, one may not doubt this, considering the number of years of experience in the field of web hosting. Of course, reviews on the web show that the company has performed quite reasonably in the past decade. The company is renowned for Performance Web Hosting. Globat is rated among the top U.S web hosting companies. The affordability and high quality service offered by the company is also worth commenting.
In addition, the company has a proficient customer service and technical support team. Subsequently, customers do not suffer delay in getting response and solution to any web hosting problem that arises in the course of usage. One of Globat’s policies from the onset is to constantly improve on web hosting features and make them user-friendly to everyone regardless of their technical knowledge or lack of it. This is why you would constantly hear a slogan such as “Web Hosting Made Easy”, which is entirely Globat’s philosophy.

Globat Web Hosting Service Plan

At a glance, the company offers the following web hosting service plan;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Top-notch Customer Support
  • ...all at just $4.44/month for a start

If you are considering hosting your website or switching to a different platform soon, grab the globat coupon, just $4.44 / Month for shared hosting plans. Generally, for new starters at Globat platform, you can enjoy the following benefits;

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Site Builder with Templates
  • Unlimited WebMail/Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Technical and Customer Support
  • ...Plus Money Back Guarantee

Perhaps you are already hosting and wish to change host, Globat has the following features and benefits to offer for host change;

  • Simple Host Change and Transfer
  • Free Domain Registration
  • 24/7 Technical and Customer Support
  • Unlimited WebMail/Email Accounts
  • Free Site Builder Plus Templates
  • ....Plus Money Back Guarantee to Secure Your Investment

Obviously, there are lots of benefits for those considering a new hosting, as well as people who are considering host switch. The entire packages offered by the company are affordable, regardless of your economic class.

Conclusion: a web hosting company with quality experience is worth signing up with. Globat has more than a decade experience in serving its clients with web hosting services. Besides, there’s absolutely nothing to lose if you don’t like the platform, the Money Back Guarantee ensures that you get your money back.



Globat Coupon Offer

Have you been considering a new hosting recently but do not want to pay the full price? Then, you can take advantage of Globat coupon, which offers just $4.44 / Month for shared hosting plans. Also, this coupon will be highly beneficial to those considering hosts change. So, instead of paying the full price, you will get a substantial price slash by taking advantage of the coupon. Improving further price economy with Globat services and features is as easy as leveraging their coupon and discount offer.

Tips for Finding Globat Coupon

If you are really serious about finding and using Globat coupon, there is no great deal on how to embark on your search. The internet and search engines facilitate easier and result-oriented search. Basically, you will be searching for websites that publish and advertise web hosting companies’ coupons and discount offers. It is important to employ the right search term in order to find the coupon as fast as possible. For instance, a targeted search will use the search phrase “Globat coupon: $4.44 / Month for shared hosting plans” Alternatively, you can simply search for Globat coupon.

When you get desirable result for your search, try and compare discount rates among the websites since they may offer different rates. Afterwards, experiment with the codes in order to find the authentic one. However, if the website is constantly updating coupon code and discount information, you will only find genuine and updated coupon. Subsequently, you will follow a coupon link to redeem the coupon either manually or automatically.

As you subscribe for Globat web hosting service along with the coupon, the price cut will reflect automatically. You may not really know the worth of the discount until you see how it adds up significantly for a longer period plan. Indeed, taking advantage of coupon pays well in achieving price economy.

You must also lookout for the expiry date of the coupon. It makes no sense wasting your time on a coupon that had already expired. So, check the expiry date before you click further.  Also, bear in mind that a couple of scam coupons may be out there, so search only the reliable sources.

Conclusion: Globat Coupon is beneficial to both new hosting and host transfer. So, while offer lasts, take advantage of the coupon for a new hosting or host change. Since the company has a track record of reliability, there is nothing to lose, especially with the money back guarantee policy.


Globat Web Hosting Company – Service Features Overview

Globat has grown to become one of the top rated web hosting companies presently. The company was founded in 2001, Los Angeles based, and has a large customer base. This webhost is well known for quality shared hosting services. Service affordability is also a notable feature with Globat. And, with Globat coupon, the price of services can get even lower. Basically, the shared hosting service offered by the company comes in two-tiers – the TX (Terabyte Xtreme) and TXS (Terabyte XS).

Globat Web Hosting Service Features

Disk Space: for the TX package, the disk space is 1000GB, while the TXS package is 5000GB. These amounts of web space are quite massive, a good indicator of large quantities of overselling.

Multiple Domains: you can take advantage of this feature to host several websites on a single hosting account. For the TXS, you can host 100 websites, while the TX will take 10 websites. These great features provide an opportunity to make full use of the large bandwidth and disk space allocations.

Bandwidth: again, Globat offers large amount of bandwidth. For the TX, the bandwidth is 1000GB/month, it could also be 2 Terabytes. With the TXS package, the bandwidth allocation is 2000GB/month and could also get to 2 Terabytes.

Performance; the company performs fairly well. However, account set up may not be as fast, especially if you have experienced the speed (about 15 minutes) of account set up with webhosts such as DreamHost or 1and 1. But, it is likely that the company has improved on this aspect, as some reviews reveal. The server performance is just fine, increased server speed as well as being reliable at all times. So, for the class of webhosts it belongs, the server performance competes excellently.

Customer Support: Globat provides a 24/7 customer and technical support which works satisfactorily. The customer support features include live chat tools, toll free phone and emails. Therefore, you can contact the company at anytime if any issue arises.

Other features include Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Database, Yahoo Marketing Credits. The Control Panel is Globat Customized, user-friendly and just fine.

Conclusion:  Globat is worth trying out as a web hosting service provider. Among its contemporaries, the company has performed quite well over the years, and constantly seeks for innovative ways of serving its customers better. If you take advantage of Globat coupon, you will achieve further price economy on the company’s web hosting services.


Globat Coupon

- This is a Globat Coupon which you can sign up at $4.44 per month (12 months plan) and get 3-6 months Free web hosting at Globat. The orginial price is $7.95.

By using this coupon :

- You can get an extra 3 months free web hosting for a 12 months billing cycle.

- You can get an extra 6 months free web hosting for a 24 months billing cycle.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- TeraByte Xtreme™

Rating :
Visit Globat
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