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JustHost Coupon, JustHost Coupon Code, JustHost Only $2.49/m

JustHost Coupon Use JustHost Coupon to Save Your Money

Use JustHost Coupon to sign up at $2.49/m

JustHost Coupon
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JustHost History and Plans

JustHost came into the web hosting business since 1998. Today, the company has more than 200,000 customers whose websites are being hosted by the company. The quality service these individuals and businesses are receiving from the company is the major contributing factors in the inclusion of JustHost in the list of the top 50 web hosting firms across the globe. The company is able to attain to this enviable height in the competitive web hosting marketing because it has good teams of experts in their various areas of specialization. The developers, technical support, billing support, order processing unit, renewals, marketing, web designers, sales and accounts unit are all working together and giving their best in order to satisfy their clients.

Since the inception of the company, many reputable organizations and bodies have given JustHost several awards in acknowledgement of their efficient services. The company has received over 10 awards during the last two years. It is only a few companies that will be able to achieve such feat within a small space of time. Today, JustHost is now the 4th largest web hosting firm in the United Kingdom and the fastest growing company in the UK.

JustHost is consistent in its growth and it has continued to introduce one innovation or the other in the web hosting industry since its inception. In the recent time, the company has just introduced the library of eBook marketing. It is now making plans on the inclusion of the service in the control panel of their server.

JustHost is poised to offer excellent web hosting services to its clients. The web hosting plan of this firm is very affordable even though it comes with numerous features. The firm has just all inclusive web hosting plan packaged with many features. The cost for the web hosting package is highly reduced when you consider the number of features that are available in the plan. The company is today offering a special promo of $3.75 per month for the hosting plan.

The hosting plan comes with the following features

  • Free site builder
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited GB’s of transfer
  • Unlimited GB’s of space  
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free domain name registration
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free instant setup
  • Anytime money back guarantee.

There other services that JustHost clients enjoy which give them an edge over other people. The company is offering 24/7 technical support, free domain name registration, free e-commerce shopping carts, free site builder with templates, free $100 Google Ad credits and others.



JustHost Coupon

JustHost is a UK based web hosting company that is providing services to up to 200, 000 customers. Though the company came into existence in 2008, it is dominating the web hosting industry now. The company is listed amount the top 10 web hosting company in the UK and ranks as the number 4 largest company in the United Kingdom. Just in 4 years, the company has expanded quickly. It has taken its services from the UK to other nations including the US and Australia. This is why it is rated as the fastest growing web hosting company in the UK. The company has been given many awards thanks to the excellent and reliable services it is providing to its customers.

Just company provides both web hosting service and domain registration. The company is a good option for small and medium enterprises that want high web hosting services at affordable cost. In the recent time the company has introduced its coupon codes which gives almost 50 percent discount to its clients in order to enable them to get their services at affordable costs. However, the JustHost coupon code works in a different manner. There is no need for you to start searching for the coupon code in any coupon website. The coupon codes are available only in JustHost site.

Getting the JustHost coupon codes is very simple. It is as simple as creating your account in the site. All you have to do is to sign up by clicking on the promo link on JustHost Website. Once you click on the link, the coupon codes will be available for you. Click on the continue link in order to complete your registration. The coupon code will qualify you to get a discount on your web hosting plan. Instead of paying $6.95 initial price, with the coupon you will be paying $3.75 per month which is about 54 percent discount off the original price.

The promo is available for everybody that is buying the web hosting plan of JustHost. It is a veritable means through which the customers of the firm will get great savings on their web hosting plan. The promo method has an edge over other coupon system. It is not time consuming or complicated. You do not have to look for the coupon code anywhere or memorize the coupon codes. The coupon codes are already available on the site. The process of claiming the coupon is not quite different from the process of signing up for your web hosting services.


The Features of JustHost Web Hosting Plan

JustHost is one of the reliable web hosting companies in the world today. The company is fast developing and has beaten a good number of web hosting companies that have been in existence before it. JustHost was just launched in 2008 in the UK. But today, the company exists in many countries like the US and Australia. It is now included in the list of the top 50 web hosting companies in the world. It is the fastest growing web hosting firm in the UK and the fourth largest in the country. The numerous awards given to the company confirms that the company is really a giant in the web hosting industry.

JustHost does not have numerous hosting packages like some other companies. The hosting services are neatly packaged in one plan in such a manner that it will meet the needs of users. JustHost does not just pride itself in affordable services; its services are also reliable and of great quality. It comes with a number of features that will help the users to manage their websites effectively. Here are some of the features of the web hosting package of JustHost.

Free domain name registration

You are entitled to a free domain registration if you buy the JustHost hosting plan. Users are also allowed to transfer a domain without spending a dime.

Unlimited Domains

Once you pay for the web hosting plan, you can host an unlimited number of domains just in one single account. This implies that you can run many websites from one control panel and in one server. This is a veritable means of saving your money and time.

Amazing uptime

JustHost makes use of a top notch server in hosting the websites of its customers. This helps customers to enjoy an outstanding network uptime. There is a UPS power back-up generator for the data center of the JustHost. Besides, the monitoring team of the company is performing a regular check on the network in order to ensure that users are given the best services. If there is any issue, it is given immediate attention.

Control panel

The cPanel is the feature through which users can manage their accounts. Other features of the web hosting plan are integrated in the control panel to enable users to manage their account through it.

Other features

Other features that are included in the web hosting plan are:

  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Free e-commerce shopping carts
  • Free $25 Yahoo ad credits
  • Free $100 Google Ad Credits
  • Free site builder with templates.


Justhost Coupon

- This is a 50% OFF coupon for All Shared Web Hosting plans at Justhost. You can sign up as low as $2.49/m.

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