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WebHostingBuzz Background Information

WebHostingBuzz can be likened to the light at the end of the web hosting tunnel. Back in 2002 the internet and its many capabilities were slowly being experimented with by businesses all over the world. Venturing into the World Wide Web was reserved for the powerful and dominating companies and organizations. This was simply due to the fact that charges for web hosting services were ridiculously high. To add insult to injury the quality of service was very disappointing and wanting. The established web hosting companies back then monopolized the market and charged as they wished. It was this window of opportunity that WebHostingBuzz saw and took by the horns.

They started off with a work force 2. Within the first year they were able to purchase 3 servers of their own that served nearly 1000 clients. This catapulted their business to a whole new level. Ever since this they have not looked back. As of 2011 WebHostingBuzz had over 45 employees and hosted a jaw dropping 250000 websites. This mind you is within 9 years of being operational and fighting off the big fish of the web hosting industry.

The progress witnessed by this company is all attributed by one thing and one thing only, keep the customer happy. The introduction of cheap and affordable web hosting services intrigued people who had nothing to lose because they were already paying a lot for something that worked below their expectations. Their quality services and concerned customer care unit played a grand part in the establishment of WebHostingBuzz.

Technology used by WebHostingBuzz belongs entirely to them.  This is unlike other web hosting companies that rent hardware form large more established companies and in turn resells them. This has been a great contributor towards the low pricing that WebHostingBuzz offers. This also ensures that they can fully control their networks and maintain standards that will continue to please their already happy customers.  The entire team is closely neat and has freedom to communicate with each other without any awkwardness or fear as with other firms. This ensures rapid communication of information and a happy work force. This translates to faster execution of affairs of the company.

WebHostingBuzz understands that not all web site owners have the same capabilities and requirements. It is for this reason that their web hosting plans are divided into three to cater for the personal websites, small scale business websites and the large scale business websites.



WebHostingBuzz Coupons

The web hosting market is a very competitive one. Young emerging firms are struggling to get a good strong customer base by offering extra cheap hosting services that frequently accompanied by poor hosting services. Other companies use packages to help market their service and make them appear much more attractive as compared to the competition, this is where you will find things like 99.99% up time and the likes. The list of companies that offer web hosting services is endless and more often than not people who intend on purchasing web hosting services are spoilt for choice. One way to narrow this list drastically is by looking for companies that offer coupon such as WebHostingBuzz.  These coupons function in basically the same way your average tomato can coupon works. It helps you save money!

To begin with these coupons are not pieces of paper. No, they are certain codes that you are required to remember so as to use them in future. Tracking down these coupons is normally very easy. For WebHostingBuzz all you need to do visit their website and you will find their coupons. Here you will find several coupons that will help you afford to have your site online at a much lower costs. As you can clearly see WebHostingBuzz has the customer at heart. Normally you will expect that coupons are only used to help cut down on costs while making payments. However, WebHostingBuzz offers coupons for a wide array of things that may occasionally include: free trial coupons, free upgrade coupons, free renewal coupons and free tools and features renewal.

So how do the WebHostingBuzz coupons work? When you have finally narrowed down your enormous list of web hosting companies to one, the one you have chosen to use, you will be required to fill in a form. This form will contain all important and common information such as your name, password etc. Somewhere in the form you should come across a field that will require you to fill in the coupon code you will have chosen to use. This code will then help the administrators identify which coupon you intend on using for the duration that you will be using their web hosting company. And just like that you will have utilized one of the many coupons that are available.

WebHostingBuzz coupons, coupled with the excellent customer care and web hosting services offered by this company, make it the best of the best in its field.


WebHostingBuzz Features

Choosing the correct company to do your hosting is a very important and crucial step towards a successful website. Web hosting companies are out there in their thousands if not millions trying to earn a sport in this competitive market. Few of these companies actually offer features that keep their customers happy for a long period of time. As you will come to notice after reading through this, WebHostingBuzz is the web hosting company for you to entrust your website to.

WebHostingBuzz has three basic packages for you to choose from when it comes to taking your website to the next level. These packages are carefully designed and organized to ensure that the customer gets the best value for their hard earned money. They are

  • Hosting Mini that goes for 4.95 US dollars
  • Hosting Silver going for 6.95 US dollars
  • Hosting Gold that can be bought for 9.95 dollars

All the above charges are per month. It gets better, in that while hosting mini will cost you 5.95 US dollars a month if you pay for one year only, but in the case you pay for two years you will be charged a mere 4.95 dollars per month. This reduction applies for all the other packages as well.

I could continue blowing their horn here without giving you the features and that would be of no help to you. In this spirit we shall go on to cover the features offered in each of the packages.  For all the packages you are guaranteed an up time of at least 99.9%. This is as good as up time gets, your site will be available all year round. Backing up of all data is also available in all packages. You will also get a free domain name, the freedom to migrate or transfer to another web hosting company and a control panel that helps to manage activities on your site.

The difference is within the amount of disk space allocated. With the hosting mini you are limited to 400 GB while the hosting gold will allow you access to unlimited amount of disk space. Bandwidth is a crucial component if you anticipate plenty of traffic into your site. Hosting mini will offer you 10000 GB, hosting silver 15000 GB and hosting gold will offer unlimited GB of bandwidth. With hosting mini you will get only two domains which should be sufficient while with the other two you will provide an unlimited number of domains. Hosting gold pulls away from the other two thanks to its free dedicated IP and free Comodo SSl certificate.


WebHostingBuzz Coupon
WebHostingBuzz Coupon for Plan Silver

- This is a $15 off coupon for Budget Web Hosting plan Silver at WebHostingBuzz. It can be applied to all billing cycles.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- Silver

Rating :
WebHostingBuzz Coupon for Plan Gold

- This is a $21 off coupon for Budget Web Hosting plan Gold at WebHostingBuzz. It can be applied to all billing cycles.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- Gold

Rating :
WebHostingBuzz Coupon for Plan Monthly Special

- This is a $25.23 off coupon for Budget Web Hosting plan Monthly Special at WebHostingBuzz. It can be applied to all billing cycles.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- Monthly Special

Rating :
WebHostingBuzz Coupon for Business Plans

- This is a $5 off coupon for All Business Web Hosting plans at WebHostingBuzz. It can be applied to all billing cycles. In fact, "pluto" can be applied to all other plans, too.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- B Lite
- B Buzz
- B Enterprise

Rating :
WebHostingBuzz Coupon for Reseller Web Hosting

- This is a $9.99 off coupon for All Reseller Web Hosting plan at WebHostingBuzz. It can be applied to all billing cycles.

This coupon is only good for the following plans:

- Startup A
- Startup B
- Startup C
- Startup D

Rating :

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